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Hilton Central School District Library-Media Centers, located in each school building, are bright, up-to-date gathering places for learning and literacy.  Studies are encouraged from print and electronic sources.  Each school has several computer learning labs associated with their libraries and are used to extend and enrich classroom learning activities.  Hilton School District has been in the forefront of instructional technology integration and strives to keep school libraries current with reference sources as well as a wide range of literature.  For more:  Learning Through Technology and Classroom Websites.

High School Library Media Center
Merton Williams Library Media Center
Northwood Elementary Library Media Center
Quest Elementary Library Media Center
Village Elementary Library Media Center
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Intranet Policy  Students have access to the Intranet under the District's  Internet/Email Acceptable Use Policy 8272   Students are encouraged to utilize these resources to promote the exchange of information to further education and research. The District provides Internet filtering as part of the District Computer Services; however, no filtering technology can guarantee that staff and students will be prevented from accessing all inappropriate locations. The users shall understand that communications on the District Computer Services are often public in nature.  These services are monitored routinely by the School District, Internet providers, and/or law enforcement agencies. The District's Acceptable Use Policy and accompanying Regulations will be disseminated to parents and students in order to provide notice of the school's requirements, expectations, and student's obligations when accessing the Internet.  "Passive Consent" [Opt-out]: Student access to the District's computer system will automatically be provided unless the parent has submitted written notification to the District that such access not be permitted. A written request to deny or rescind student use of District computers must be mailed to the Office of Instruction, 225 West Ave., Hilton, NY 14468.  Policy 8272 is the Acceptable District Computer Services Use and Internet Filtering

Hilton Central Schools Library Media Centers

Libray/Media Specialists

Meaghan Ashworth, Hilton High School Library-Media Specialist  High School Library Media Center

585-392-1000 ext. ext. 2365


Angela Boccuzzi-Reichert,  Merton Williams School Library-Media Specialist  Merton Williams Library Media Center

585-392-1000 ext. ext. 3106

Julie Rapp, Northwood Elementary School Library-Media Specialist  Northwood Elementary Library Media Center

585-392-1000 ext. ext. 4404

Stephanie Harney, Quest Elementary School Library-Media Specialist  Quest Elementary Library Media Center

585-392-1000 ext. ext. 6147

Debra Lynch, Village Elementary School Library-Media Specialist  Village Elementary Library Media Center

585-392-1000 ext. ext. 5113