September 9, 2014

Jones named Hilton CSD’s 2014-15 Teacher of the Year

The Hilton Central Schools Teachers Association [HCSTA] 2014-15 selection of the Teacher of the Year was presented at the annual staff convocation at Hilton High School in September. This year's honoree is Quest Elementary School teacher Carol Jones, who was honored for her ability to celebrate students' individuality and inspire them to excel.

A graduate of SUNY Cortland and The College at Brockport, Jones began teaching in Hilton in 2002 as a substitute teacher and then was hired the following year at Quest Elementary School. The daughter of a teacher, principal, then superintendent, Jones grew up learning the importance of education from her father, while her mother inspired her to work hard, persevere and follow her dreams. Four out of her five siblings are now working in education.

Jones and her husband of 27 years, David, have three grown daughters, Ashley, 24, Emily, 22, and Sarah, 19, all of whom attended Quest and graduated from Hilton High School. "Volunteering in my children's classrooms sparked my interest in teaching again," said Jones, who took time off to raise her daughters. "After volunteering in Suzanne Pilon's classroom, she convinced me and inspired me to get back into teaching and served as my mentor." Jones is also inspired by her 86-year old classroom volunteer, Janet Lincoln. "She keeps me organized and shares her wisdom and life lessons with me and the students every day."

Nominees are screened by the HCSTA Teacher of the Year Committee chaired by Hilton High School teacher Debbie Montrallo. Letters of recommendation are collected from colleagues, parents and students. The finalists for this year's award were: Tric Hess and Geoff Russo, Hilton High School; Steve Sorensen, Merton Williams Middle School; Tricia Clasgens, Northwood Elementary School; Carol Jones and John Weingart, Quest Elementary School; and Michelle Farrell and Tammy Reddinger, Village Elementary School. Nominees must have more than five years of exceptional service to the district, active involvement in the Hilton community, and have made a substantial impact on the lives of their students and colleagues.

Candidates are represented by their nominator[s] at a meeting in the spring during which they present a case for the candidate. Each year the selection panel hears testimony and reads letters and documents on each nominee. Candidates are selected on their past and current performance in the areas listed below. The degree to which each has exemplified these characteristics is also taken into account. The selection panel then scores and ranks the candidates. The order listed below is not indicative of its importance; each category is of equal value to the Hilton Learning Community. Please remember that every candidate must have completed five years of service to the district and is a current member of the Hilton Central Schools Teachers Association [HCSTA].

CRITERIA & SELECTION PROCESS - Candidates are judged on their past and current performance in the four areas and information for your candidate should document the following:

* The candidate’s professional knowledge exhibited in the subject areas taught.
* The candidate’s professional ability to affect a positive learning difference with the students he or she encounters.
* The candidate’s professional ability to work with colleagues and parents.
* The candidates commitment to his/her profession that endures beyond the minimum teaching day.

Nomination Form - Deadline April 17, 2015

For further information, please contact Teacher of the Year Chairperson Debbie Montrallo at Hilton High School, 400 East Ave., Hilton, NY 14468.  Questions: 585-392-1000, ext. 3511.

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