September 21, 2009

Northwood Elementary fifth grade teacher Cheryl Lee is HCSTA Teacher of the Year 2009-10

Hilton Central Schools Teachers Association President Ed Donnelly announces the 2009-10 selection of the Hilton Teacher of the Year.  The award was presented on September 8 at the annual staff convocation at Hilton High School.  This year's honoree is Northwood Elementary School fifth grade teacher Cheryl Lee, who is described as "a master teacher and a person who has made a difference in the lives of colleagues and students. . . . a dynamic and masterful teacher . . . strong advocate for the needs of children."

"I looked around and saw so many dedicated teachers," Ms. Lee said during the award announcement. "I knew finally it was me when they talked about basketball."  A former seventh/eighth grade girls basketball coach, Ms. Lee was awe-struck by the accolades from her colleagues and students.

A soft-spoken person, Ms. Lee was recognized for her leadership, professionalism, commitment and ability to make a positive learning difference.  Nominees are screened by the HCSTA Teacher of the Year committee chaired by Merton Williams Middle School teacher Hope Randolph.  Letters of recommendation are collected from colleagues, parents and students.

Among the many benefits is a special, reserved parking space for Ms. Lee at Northwood.  The finalists for the award this year were: Amber Adams, VE; Angela Bocuzzi-Reichert, MW; Charlene Davis, MW; Lorie Donovan, VE; Julie Fiege, NW; Andrea Moore, Quest; and John Weingart, Quest.