September 6, 2005

"Mr. D" - Ed Donnelly:  Hilton 2005-06 Teacher of the Year honored as "Superior Educator"

Hiltonís Village Elementary School fourth grade Teacher Ed Donnelly, a 22-year-teaching veteran, has been honored as the 2005-06 Hilton Central School District Teacher of the Year.  Nominated by students and colleagues, Mr. Donnelly received the Hilton Central School Teachers Association award Sept. 6, 2005 at Hilton High School which was presented by HCSTA President Robert Phillips. Described by Mr. Phillips as "an enthusiastic, superior educator who loves learning and tries to instill it in his students," Mr. Donnelly accepted the award saying, "It takes a whole village . . . a whole team to support the kids." Mr. Donnelly has been a teacher in the Hilton School District since 1984, the first year of which he was a high school business teacher.  He holds a masters degree from Rochester Institute of Technology and a Bachelors degree from St. John Fisher College.  "It is an overwhelmingly wonderful honor," Mr. Donnelly said.  "I especially enjoyed the remarks my former students wrote in letters to the selection committee."  Among the comments were: "Mr. Donnelly has taught me more about computers than anybody has ever showed me and when I grow up I want to work with computers.  He makes learning fun," said former student Ross Pirnie; "He does not let you down. . . . He is very creative and funny," said former student Lydia Benitez; and "He yearns for all of us to be the best we can!" said former student Jacob Cady.   

Mr. Donnelly has made many contributions to the Village Elementary School environment including the establishment of Pioneer Day as well his special focus on the use of technology to extend student learning.  He is a lead technology teacher in the school helping students build web sites, use digital cameras and video cameras.  "Ed Donnelly is invested in his students' talent and accomplishments both in and outside the classroom," Village Elementary School colleague and teacher Lorie Donovan said. "He attends his students' sporting events, plays and extracurricular activities. He has been teaching for over 20 years and is as dedicated and passionate this year as if it were his first."   "He takes a real interest in the lives of his students with in turn makes them better students." said Wendy A. Hernandez, mother of Dylan Hernandez, former student.  Mr. Donnelly is a native of Baldwinsville, NY and is now a resident of Brighton.  He is an outdoors enthusiast - sailor, runner and biker.