September 9, 2004

Teacher of the Year 2004-05 Marcia Sheremeta

Hilton’s Merton Williams Middle School Vocal Music Teacher Marcia Sheremeta, right, with colleague Hope Randolph, a 32-year-teaching veteran, has been named 2004-05 Hilton Central School District’s Teacher of the Year.  Nominated by her students and colleagues, Mrs. Sheremeta received the Hilton Central School Teachers Association award Sept. 7 at Hilton High School, presented by HCSTA President Kathleen Donahue who commented on her “inspirational passion for music.”  Colleague Nicholas Williams, Vocal Music Teacher at Hilton High School, remarked about Mrs. Sheremeta’s involvement with middle school students’ music saying, “She’s a phenomenal, phenomenal teacher.”  Known widely for her ability to include absolutely every child in chorus at Middle School concert performances, Mrs. Sheremeta said, “It’s all about the kids.  You don’t teach for the money.  It’s about the kids.” 

She has been instrumental in creating ‘safe environments’ for kids’ changing voices; for co-creating the school’s Broadway Show Night which features extensive student involvement, their ‘first moment in the spotlight;’ for the annual Talent Show and support for Solo Festival auditions and performances.  Last year Mrs. Sheremeta inaugurated an Eastman Kodak Co. SNAP Project which featured student photographs, live performances and presentations at the Eastman House and other conferences.   Mrs. Sheremeta is a Greece resident and may be reached at 392-1000 ext. 3201. This year Mrs. Sheremeta was presented with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra Musicians Award.  

Finalists for the Teacher of the Year Award this year were also recognized: Joe Brock, HS; Carol Cowan, HS; Rob Berg, MW; Nora Coleman, NW; Judy Roll, NW; Marcy Kirsch, VE; Rick Lenhard, VE; Suzanne Monagan Pilon, VE; Patrick Kruchten, Quest.