October 1, 2015

Donate your gently-used musical instruments to Hilton elementary school

Research has found that learning music facilitates learning other subjects and enhances skills that children inevitably use in other areas. Unfortunately, not all parents can afford the cost of renting or purchasing a musical instrument for their beginning music student. That is why the Hilton School District is asking the community to search their closets, basements, and attics for gently used musical instruments that they can donate to the Hilton Elementary Music Department.

There is a need for bass clarinets, bassoons, clarinets, flutes, oboes, and especially saxophones, trombones, and trumpets. Once the instrument is donated, the donation must be approved by the Board of Education, and then an acknowledgement letter is sent for tax purposes.

“Our instrument donation program at Village Elementary has allowed over 30 students to start a musical instrument that did not have the financial means otherwise,” said Beth Fabrizio, music teacher.

Donations may be dropped off at any of the three elementary schools: Northwood Elementary School, 433 N. Greece Rd.; Quest Elementary School, 225 West Ave.; or Village Elementary School, 100 School Lane, or pick up can be arranged by calling the school’s main office.