June 13, 2016

Village Elementary Noel Parcels Memorial Spelling Bee winners announced

Third through sixth graders at Village Elementary School spelled their way through the Annual Noel Parcels Memorial Spelling Bee on June 6. The grand prize for the fifth and sixth grade bee was awarded in a tie between Calleigh Farley and Aiden Snyder. After several rounds of spelling words like "flourish," "slovenly" and "spoonerism" without a miss, Linda St. George, REACH teacher and bee coordinator, announced the tie. The grand champion of the third and fourth grade bee was Brayden Stich, who was also the fourth grade winner. His winning words were "dim sum" and "agenda." The other winners are as follows:

Fifth Grade Winner - Avery Di Iulio

Fifth Grade Second Place - Josephine Budd, Sara Chapple, Lucas Edsall, Lauryn Mangiacapre

Fifth Grade Third Place - Carolyn Adams, Carlee Avery, Zach Cordaro, Cammi Eccleston, Johnny Yunger

Sixth Grade Second Place - Ben Moran, Jake Smith

Sixth Grade Third Place - Cameron Dennie, Evan Fish, Nathan Lee, Shannon O'Shea, Kayla Rodgers, Ian Staertow, Blake Stich, Jessica Williams

Fourth Grade Second Place - Chloe DeMita, Logan Gibeault

Fourth Grade Third Place - Abigail Lane

Third Grade Winner Jakob Babitch

Third Grade Second Place - Mari Griggs

Third Grade Third Place - Aryana Cooper, Nevin Makalon

Congratulations to all of the participants!