August 28, 2013

Interpreting scores for the NYS assessments - a letter from the Superintendent


Dear Students, Parents and Hilton Central School District Community Members:

As you may be aware, we recently received the grade level results for the New York State ELA and Math Assessments given to students in grades 3-8 this past school year. The State Education Department has repeatedly indicated that student results would be much lower state-wide on these assessment compared to years past due to the implementation of the Common Core Standards in both areas. Hiltonís results, along with those for the state and region, do show a significant decrease in the number of students who scored proficient in grades 3-8.

Our district and teachers provide every child with outstanding learning opportunities to maximize the potential of each learner. Hiltonís graduation rate consistently exceeds 90 percent and over 80 percent of our graduates go on to college. As an organization, we continue to maintain a tradition of excellence.

We have begun to analyze the initial results and use the data as a tool for improvement. As we strive to develop a context for interpreting these results, we will provide updates on our findings to students, parents and the community.

We have been told that that the state will make individual student scores available by early September.  The district will notify parents of each childís performance after the individual results are known.  We know that fewer students demonstrated proficiency on these assessments compared to previous years and want to prepare you for this fact.

I am confident that our teachers and students will use these assessment results as a data point for improvement and growth. This single measure tells us that we have to continue to focus on fully implementing a curriculum that the state recently adopted. We are committed to learn what we can from these results as we continue to make these important shifts while supporting the great work already being done by our staff. Look for progress reports periodically as we work together to maximize the potential of each learner.

Below, please find resources provided by the state that may be helpful in understanding these results.

We look forward to another exciting school year together.


David Dimbleby

Superintendent of Schools

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