November 16, 2015

Grades 7-12 report cards will no longer be mailed home after first quarter; available online only

As noted on the comment section of grade 7-12 students' first quarter report cards, this quarterly report card will be the last one mailed home to all parents. Parents can access student grades through Infinite Campus.

Parents who would still like a hard copy mailed home may request one by contacting Barbara Alessi, Merton Williams Counseling Office secretary at 392-1000, ext. 3192 or balessi@hilton.k12.ny.us, or Marilynn Kundrata, Hilton High School Counseling Office secretary at 392-1000, ext. 2240 or mkundrata@hilton.k12.ny.us.

Infinite Campus is a web-based student information system that provides instant and real-time information to those users with an internet connection who have students in our schools. Additionally, Infinite Campus is a family-based system, which means parents/guardians of secondary (grades 7-12) students can use one log-in to view information for their children. The Campus Portal is a secure website that offers an easy way to access important school-related information about your children's attendance in each class, daily schedule of courses, status of any fees for which they are responsible, five-week reports and report cards to date, and current grades and assignments.

Activation Key:  In order to gain access to Campus Portal, you must first activate and set up your Campus Portal account. If you have not set up your account yet, please contact the Counseling Office: Hilton High School: 585-392-1000, ext. 2240; Merton Williams: 585-392-1000, ext. 3191 or 3192 to obtain your Activation Key.