June 6, 2016

Students see science in action during Science Fun Day

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This year's Science Fun Day, held June 3, featured a whopping 90 demonstrations and activities in seven 35-minute sessions for students at Quest Elementary School.

Each session focused on a science-related concept and involved some sort of hands-on activity for the students, such as making ice cream with salt, fingerprinting and evidence collecting, making a homemade lava lamp, creating a soap powered motor boat, baking up smores in a pizza box oven, learning about the ecosystem of Salmon Creek, dissecting sterile owl pellets to determine what owls eat, and many more.

Quest Science Fun Day is completely dedicated to learning science in a hands-on and interesting way. Demonstrations are held around the school building and outside, and are led by local science professionals, parents whose profession involves science, teachers and students. This year, 125 Hilton High School students led demonstrations and activities. Outside presenters included Deputy Joe Resch, Hilton Fire Department, Rochester Fencing Club, Rochester Arc and Flame Center, and a performance of "Flower City Vaudeville" by Young Audiences.

Coordinators Loni Butlin, Megan Strecker and Breanna Stanford thank everyone who took the time to present and make this year's Science Fun Day a success.