October 26, 2016

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul visits Village Elementary

Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul recently took time out of her busy schedule to visit Village Elementary School and congratulate the students on being the top readers in New York State. Students logged in 1,164,622 minutes in the Scholastic Reading Challenge from May 9 - September 9, 2016. The Challenge is a free online programdesigned to motivate and excite students around reading books over the summer. Kids can log the minutes they spend reading, play games, earn virtual rewards, and enter sweepstakes.

"Eating every day keeps your body going, right? Well reading every day is giving your brain some food," Hochul told the assembly of grade 2-6 students. She called the students "Reading Superheroes." Senator Joe Robach was also in attendance to congratulate the students.

"All the schools around New York State, they are all watching you," said Paige Pye, senior field representative for Scholastic Book Fairs. "They want to beat Village Elementary."