June 16, 2016

Sixth graders make a positive impact with "It Takes a Village"

Sixth graders at Village Elementary School recently presented their It Takes a Village projects, formerly known as Power of One, to audiences throughout the school. It Takes a Village is a long-term project where students research an issue that matters to them. They use the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme Design Cycle to develop a solution that positively impacts their chosen audience.

Some of the topics included: media bias, gender inequality in sports, technology addiction, cyber bulling, effects of social media, women's rights and many more. Students reflected on the process they engaged in to research and develop an idea, create a solution and determine its impact.

The students showed their thinking when they were planning, implementing and evaluating their ideas. More specifically, they discussed the global context of their topic, how they arrived at their topic, the audience they chose and why, their product, how their product is effective, useful data they found and why the data is useful, things they did well in the process and things they would do differently.

The first group of students presented to an audience of teachers, administrators and parents. The following week, other groups presented to fifth grade classes.

Left, Katie Korzenieski and Shelby McGranaghan present their It Takes a Village project on cyber bullying.