January 19, 2016

Hilton grads return to school to share their knowledge

A group of Hilton High School graduates took time during their winter break to talk with 11th graders during the January "IB Day." The panel included Patrick Callery, who attends The College at Brockport; Joe Distefano, University at Buffalo; Brenna Hibbard, Monroe Community College; Andrew Kaseman, University of Rochester; Mary Kunigan, San Diego State University; Kelly Martin, Hofstra University; and Austin Rodger, Canisius College.

The panel answered questions from the audience about their timeline for college planning, their preparations for life after high school, which high school resources and tools they used in their planning, how well their courses prepared them for college level courses, the biggest adjustments they had to make going from high school to college, the number of colleges they visited and applied to before making a decision, who they requested letters of recommendation from, and if they would change anything about the process.

During IB Day, students engage in special presentations and projects to put into practice the traits of the International Baccalaureate learner profile. For example, students are expected to nurture their curiosity, develop skills for inquiry and research, learn independently and with others; learn with enthusiasm and sustain a love of learning throughout life.