June 16, 2016

Criminal Justice students test their mettle

Students in Mary Pignato's Criminal Justice class were recently put through their paces by those who know what it takes - an FBI agent, a NYS trooper and Monroe County deputy. Participation in the a multi-jurisdiction law enforcement physical fitness test was voluntary, but several students who are serious about careers in law enforcement participated.

FBI Agent Mike Preisser, along with NYS Trooper Chris Neidert and Deputy Michael Thomas volunteered to test the students on core body strength, running and endurance. The test involves sit-ups, push-ups, a 300-meter sprint and 1.5-mile run. For the FBI, applicants must earn at least one point for each and a total of at least 12 points. For the state police, applicants must score in the 50th percentile prior to attending Police Academy and 70th percentile post Academy. For the Monroe County Sheriff's Department, push-ups and sit-ups are timed. The tests are split by age and gender.

Senior Jeff Hibbard attended the Monroe County Sheriff Teen Police Academy last summer and said he loved it. "It was a week-long academy and I just learned what police officers do. I loved it so much," he said.

The physical fitness test is just part of the preparation that Pignato does with students who want to pursue careers in law enforcement. "The class takes four civil service test throughout the course and are doing well," she said. "In fact, there are a few that could probably sit for the test now." She helps her students make connections with people in the field and stresses how important it is to make good decisions now and in the future. "What they do today and tomorrow will impact them later on," she added.

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