November 10, 2016

Board of Education approves Capital Project Ė public vote on Dec. 15

The Hilton Board of Education adopted a $32,250,000 capital project proposal during their regular meeting on Oct. 25. A public vote will be held on Thursday, Dec. 15 from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. The project will have no impact on local property taxes. Included in the proposal is work to all of the districtís school buildings with a focus on safety and security, in addition to work identified in the building condition survey conducted by LaBella Associates, the districtís architecture, engineering, planning and consulting firm. The New York State Education Department requires that public schools conduct a building condition survey every five years.

A Long Range Planning Committee, including district staff, community members and parents, began meeting over the summer to review the building condition survey and prioritize district capital needs in order to develop a recommendation to the Board of Education.

Highlights of the proposed project include:

  • More secure main school entrances that restrict unauthorized visitor access to the rest of the buildings.

  • New playgrounds at Northwood, Quest and Village Elementary Schools that replace 11-16 year old equipment.

  • Pavement, sidewalk and curb replacement at Hilton High School and Northwood Elementary School.

  • Kitchen equipment at the High School, Merton Williams Middle School and Quest that replaces 44-66 year old equipment.

  • HVAC, roof and electrical work at the High School, Merton Williams, Northwood and Village that was identified in the building condition survey.

  • Classroom renovations at the High School and Village.

  • Renovations to the varsity softball field and locker/team rooms; tennis court and fencing replacement; and HVAC improvements to pool spectator area.

Residents can find more detailed information in a Capital Project newsletter mailed to homes in early December. Community information meetings also will be scheduled throughout November and early December. Complete information will be available at Hilton.k12.ny.us.