Hilton CSD Recertification for Interscholastic Sports

Recertification is the process that needs to be completed before each and every sport season, fall, winter and spring. The process to re-certify athletes includes a summer sports physical either with the student's own pediatrician or with the district's school physician:

  • Students will get the Interscholastic Athletic Form Re-certification and Physical Form from the Nurseís Office, Athletic Office or Main Office.  The parent must complete the forms and both the parent and the student must sign.  Student will re-certify with the nurse within 30 days of the upcoming season. All students must be physically seen by the nurse to be re-certified.

  • students may get their physical by the districtís school physician.  At this time, they will also be completing the re-certification process for a fall sport and are ready to begin the fall season. Health Appraisal Form

For further information please call the Athletic Office: 585-392-1000 ext. 2136.