January 2012

Hilton CSD schools to begin automated attendance calling system January 3, 2012; calls go to home at approximately 10:30 am

The Hilton Central School District will be using an automated attendance calling system beginning in January 2012 for all students absent or tardy. 

On January 3, the first day of school following the December Holiday Recess, attendance calls for absent students will be conducted through an automated system.  Each day at approximately 10:30 am, parents will be notified by phone.  The parent/guardian phone numbers used are pulled from the District's student management system, Infinite CampusFIRST PHONE NUMBER CALLED IS 'HOME' FOLLOWED BY FIRST CELL PHONE NUMBER.

If you would like to change your primary contact phone number, please call the Attendance Office of your children's school[s]: High School Attendance Office: 585-392-1000 ext. 2246 - call the Attendance Office prior to 9 am if the student will be absent at 585-392-1000 ext. 2246. Voice mail is available 24 hours a day. Contact HS Attendance Anja Krause via email.  Merton Williams Middle School Attendance Office - 585-392-1000 ext. 3151. Contact MW Attendance Eileen Hagen via email.  Northwood Elementary Attendance Office - 585-392-1000 ext. 4601/4512. Contact NW Attendance Mary Mason via email.  Quest Elementary Attendance Office - 585-392-1000 ext. 6155/6153. Contact Quest Attendance Terry Lotz via email.  Village Elementary Attendance Office - 392-1000 ext. 5199. Contact Village Attendance Kimberly Giacolone via email.

Home phone will always be called first [this is the first contact phone number listed on the Emergency Contact Form].  If there is no ability to leave a message, or if the number is disconnected, then the parent's cell phone is called.  Attendance personnel will still be available to take your calls each morning and available to parents.

HCSD Attendance Policy

District Attendance Policy According to N.Y.S. Law  Children must attend school between the ages of six and16-years-old.  Absence from school for the following reasons are considered excusable: illness, death or illness in the family, medical appointments, impassable roads, religious observances, quarantine, an approved college visit, take-your-child-to-work-day, military obligations, required presence in court, remedial health treatment, approved cooperative work programs or other reason approved by Board of Education.  Absences, tardiness or early departure are considered unexcused if they do not fall in one of the above categories. Unexcused absences include: family vacation, hunting, babysitting, hair cut, obtaining learner's permit, road test, oversleeping. 

Inform School if child will be absent; send written excuse:  Please inform the school prior to 9 am that morning if your child will be absent, and send a written excuse with your child when he or she returns to school stating the date and reason for the absence.  After three days without an excuse, the student is declared illegally absent. If a student needs to be excused from school early, please write an excuse. In grades K-6, the student should present the excuse to the classroom teacher, and in grades 7-8, to the school nurse.

High School Attendance Policy Absence: Parents are responsible for calling the Attendance Office when their child is absent at 585-392-1000 ext. 2246. Voice mail is available 24 hours a day. Please follow up your phone call with a note.

Excused absence is defined as: sick, medical appointment, court, funeral, college visit. Unverified absences are unexcused. Teachers do not have to let students make up work for unexcused absences. Notify the Attendance Office of extended absences such as vacations or surgery.

Early Dismissal for Appointments or sick at school: Contact must be made between parent/guardian and the Attendance Office before a student may be dismissed from school. Students should bring a note to the Attendance Office before school begins to get a pass to leave. They can then sign out at the appointed time and meet their ride at the front of the school. Parents can make arrangements to pick up their child by calling the Attendance Office. If a student feels ill and wants to go home early, they should go to the Nurse or Attendance Office to call home.

Tardy [Late]:  Students who arrive after 7:25 am at Hilton High School are tardy to school and must sign in. Students with a note for being sick, at a doctor or dentist appointment, or other excused reason will not be penalized for tardiness.

Attendance Office Contact Phone Numbers: Call the Attendance Office if your child is absent:

• HS Attendance Office 585-392-1000 ext. 2246 

• MW Attendance Office 585-392-1000 ext. 3151

• VE Attendance Office 585-392-1000 ext. 5199

• NW Health Office 585-392-1000 ext. 4601

• QUEST Nurse’s Office 585-392-1000 ext. 6155 or 6153.