TIES Volunteers link students with special needs students

Hilton Learning Support Services supports TIES; student volunteers needed to support students with developmental disabilities; seeking new volunteers   TIES [Together Including Every Student] gives students with developmental disabilities [ages 8-21] the opportunity to join extracurricular and recreational activities of their choice with support from trained student volunteers.  Volunteers are students in grades 8-12 who receive training and an individual support plan that describes the participantís needs.  

"TIES helps participants and volunteers have opportunities to develop leisure skills; community and school connections; and friendships.  Students have joined after-school activities, trips and classes through Hilton Parks and Recreation and the YMCA, school dances, drumming circles, sports, School of Religion, etc.," said Eileen Snyder, TIES Coordinator.  

For further information, please call Learning Support Services at 392-1000, ext. 6054 or visit the TIES web site: http://www.TIESProgram.org  TIES is funded by the Finger Lakes Developmental Disabilities Service Office Family Support Services.