Hilton Central School District Past Budget Vote Results


BUDGET RESULTS 2016 Vote held May 17, 2016. Budget passes 1139-360; Bus purchase proposition passes 1122-370. Board of Education: elected to three-year terms - Mark Hilburger with 995 votes, Nancy Pickering with 966 votes, and Michelle Ames with 687 votes. Elected to a two year term - Russell Byer with 686 votes. Also on the ballot, Andre Hudson, 675 votes; Barbara Cutrona, 606 votes and David Malsegna, 523 votes. Budget Insight.

BUDGET RESULTS 2015 Vote held May 19, 2015. Budget passes 837-328; Bus purchase proposition passes 822-336. Board of Education: Daniel Wellington elected with 670 votes and Thomas Abbott elected with 659 votes. Also on the ballot was Mark Hilburger with 641 votes. Budget Insight. Board sets 2015-16 Tax Levy.

BUDGET RESULTS 2014 Vote held May 20, 2014. Budget passes 811-302; Bus purchase proposition passes 822-289; Capital Reserve Fund proposition passes 767-309. Board of Education: Agnes M. Seneway elected with 903 votes and Timothy Gagnon elected with 887 votes. Budget Insight. Board sets 2014-15 Tax Rates.

BUDGET RESULTS 2013  Vote held May 21, 2013. Budget passes 834-350; Bus purchase proposition passes 811-373. Board of Education: Michelle Ames with 817 votes, Barbara Cutrona with 753 votes and Nancy Pickering with 762 votes. Also on the ballot was Brandon McAuliff with 523 votes. Budget Insight. Board sets 2013-14 Tax Rates.

BUDGET RESULTS 2012  Vote held May 15, 2012. Budget passes 960-348; Bus purchase proposition passes 903-401. Board of Education: Daniel Wellington with 835 votes and Thomas Abbott with 767 votes. Also on the ballot was Monica Gaffney with 636 votes. Budget Insight. Board sets 2012-13 Tax Rates.

BUDGET RESULTS 2011   Budget passes 1,142-605 - Election Spreadsheet; returned to Board of Education: Aggie Seneway - 1,383 votes and Tim Gagnon - 1,341 votes; Bus Proposition passes 1,038-686  2010-11 Budget Adoption -  At its regular meeting April 12, 2011, the Hilton Central School District Board of Education adopted a $69.3 million Budget Proposal for the 2011-12 school year, a 0.91% increase over last year’s budget resulting in a 1.2% tax rate increase.  Budget FAQ.  Budget Update Budget Insight. NYS Fiscal Accountability Supplement & Information about Students with DisabilitiesBoard sets 2011-12 tax rates at its Aug. 9, 2011 meeting.

BUDGET RESULTS 2010   Budget passes 1,322-842  2010-11 Budget Results:  Budget Passes 1,322-842 on May 18, 2010; Incumbents returned to Board August 17, 2010 Board approves tax rates for 2010-11 -- 2010 District Budget Vote Results Statewide

BUDGET RESULTS 2009   Budget passes 869 – 321  Hilton Central School District’s Budget Vote was held Tuesday, May 19, 2009.  Budget Results 2009 Voters in the Hilton Central School District approved the $68.5 million Budget by a vote of 869 – 321 on May 19, 2009 at the annual Budget Vote and Board Election. The $650,000 bus purchase proposition was also passed by a vote of 817 – 347.   Incumbents returned to Board of Education for three-year terms were: Daniel Wellington with 945 votes, current Board President, and Robert Prorok with 892 votes. The Budget Insight May 2009 was mailed to all households in the district.  Board sets tax rates set for 2009-10

BUDGET RESULTS 2008   Budget passes 992-580; Bus Purchase passes 970-578 - May 20, 2008 Vote.  Residents of the Hilton Central School District passed the District’s 2008-09 $66.7 million budget by a vote of 992-580. One additional proposition also passed: a $814,000 school bus purchase proposition by a vote of 970-578.  Two, three-year positions on the Board of Education were decided.  Returned to the Board were incumbents Aggie Seneway by a vote of 1,245 and Tim Gagnon by a vote of 1,203.The Hilton Board of Education had voted April 8, 2008 to adopt the $66,664,457 Budget Proposal for the 2008-09 school year reflecting an estimated decrease of 0.13% in the local tax rate. Annual Budget Notice: Budget Insight May 2008  mailed to all households in the Hilton Central School District.  Board sets tax rates for 2008-09