Freedom of Information and Open Meetings Law; FOIL officer

Freedom of Information Law [ FOIL] permits citizens to request documents from the District.  New York State maintains a Committee on Open Government which is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Freedom of Information Law, the Open Meetings Law  and the Personal Privacy Protection Law which govern rights of access to government records, the conduct of meetings of public bodies, and the right to attend those meetings.

The online link is currently unavailable. Please email your request to Betsy Forjone at eforjone@hilton.k12.ny.us or call the number below.


The Hilton Central School District's FOIL officer is the Admin. Asst. to the Supt. who may be reached at 585-392-1000, ext. 7043.

These statutes direct the release of information to the public and the news media. 

Hilton Central School District Policy Manual

FERPA Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

For further information: NYS Open Meetings Law and Freedom of Information Information