September 4, 2015

Common Core State Standards - Parent and Family Resources

Each year, students in grades 3-8 participate in the New York State Testing Program in  English Language Arts and Mathematics. The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) were adopted in 2010 by the New York Board of Regents so as to better prepare all students for 21st century careers and college readiness. These assessments provide the district and parents with a snapshot of each childís development at a specific point in time; however, they do not reflect many other important areas that are outlined in Hilton Central School Districtís Mission and Beliefs.  In addition, the District believes that multiple measures (state assessment scores, student class work, teacher input, etc.) are important in deciding whether a student should receive additional academic services.

When you receive your child's report

The front page of the Score Report provides you with your childís test results - indicating your childís scale score, performance level score and where your child ranks in relation to other students in New York State. Additionally, you are able to reference your childís prior year test results by Performance Level. The back of the report provides you with more detailed information. On the ELA report you can see how your child scored in both reading and writing, and in mathematics you can see how your child scored in each sub-section of the assessment. While the reports do a good job explaining the data, additional information can be found at:

Parent Resources - Grades 3-8 ELA & Mathematics Test

Common Core Toolkit for Parents and Families

In order to address the increase of rigor of the standards, the district spent a lot of time and effort aligning the math and ELA curriculum documents and assessments to the CCSS. In response to requests from parents asking what can be done at home, NYSED created resources for parents and families:

Engage NY Toolkit for Parents and Families

At Hilton Central School District, we truly believe that working in partnership - home and school - our students will be prepared to pursue their college and/or career path upon graduation.