Scope of Capital Maintenance & Safety Project 2015

Northwood Elementary School: $458,000
New Package Sewer Treatment Plant
Replace a Set of Exterior Doors
(Summer 2016)

Village Elementary School: $687,000
Reconfigure Bus Loop
Repave and Reconfigure Rear Parking Lot and Drive
Replace a Set of Exterior Doors
Replace Asphalt Sidewalk Including Curbs
(Summer 2017)

Merton Williams Middle School: $720,000
Repave Aquatic Center Parking Lot
Replace a Set of Exterior Doors
Repave Front Parking Lot (Alternate)
(Summer 2017)

Hilton High School: $785,000
Stadium Entrance Improvements (Separate Pedestrian and Vehicle Entrance)
Archway and Ticket Booth
Reconstruct North Edge of Student Parking Lot to Include New Drop-off Lane
(Summer 2017)

TOTAL PROJECT: $2,650,000

Letter from the Board of Education
Public Information Meetings
Proposition Wording & Voter Eligibility