Welcome to the Infinite Campus Parents and Student Portal Welcome Page

What is Infinite Campus? Infinite Campus is a secure, web-based student information system that provides real-time information to users with a valid account. Additionally, Infinite Campus is organized as a family-based system, which means a parent/guardian with multiple children within the district can use one log-in to view information for all their children.

What is the Campus Portal?  The Campus Portal is a secure website that offers an easy way to access    important school-related information about your child's attendance, daily schedule of courses, status of any fees for which they are responsible, five-week reports (grades 7-12), report cards, and current grades and assignments. The portal also allows the parent/guardian the ability to update contact information as needed.


First Time Users:  First time users of Campus Portal must have an activation key to set up an account.  If you do not have your activation key, please contact your child’s school counseling office. If you have children in more than one school, you only need to contact one school.  If you have your activation key, please refer to "Activating Your Campus Portal Account" for directions on setting up your account for the first time.

Building Counseling Office: 392-1000
Hilton High School Ext. 2240
Merton Williams Middle School Ext. 3191
Northwood Elementary School Ext. 4517
Quest Elementary School Ext. 6102
Village Elementary School Ext. 5181

Problems Logging In?

If you cannot remember your login credentials, please contact your child’s Counseling Office at the respective number above.

If you receive a message that your account is disabled, please contact Hilton IC Support.

User Guides for Campus Portal

Campus Portal -
Activating Account
Campus Portal - Adding Emergency Contacts Campus Portal - Calendar Campus Portal - Schedule