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Home Instruction (Home Schooling)

Although New York State law does not recognize home schools as private elementary or secondary schools, the school district will attempt to cooperate with parents who wish to provide home schooling for their children realizing that the child who is educated at home should receive an education in a manner consistent with an educational plan and at least substantially equivalent to that given to students of like age and attainments in the local public schools.

Primary responsibility for determining compliance with Commissioner's Regulations addressing home instruction rests with the superintendent of schools of the school district in which a home-instructed student resides.


Dr. Maureen Thayer, Support Services Director, 392-1000, ext. 6055
Laurie Diedrich, Admin. Assistant, Instruction Office, 392-1000, ext. 6058

Home Instruction Forms (click on name to download pdf):

Home Instruction Policy

Application for Home Instruction

IHIP Grades 1-6

IHIP Grades 7-8

IHIP Grades 9-12

Quarterly Report Grades 1-6

Quarterly Report Grades 7-8

Quarterly Report Grades 9-12

Home Instruction Annual Assessments Grades 1-12

Home Instruction Attendance Record Form


NYS Education Dept. Home Instruction Information