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Hilton Central School District Buildings & Grounds

Hilton School District's Buildings and Grounds Office is located in District Offices, 225 West Ave., Hilton, NY 14468.   Shipping and receiving is located in the rear of the Quest Elementary/District Offices at 225 West Ave., Hilton. 

Our Vision   The Buildings and Grounds Department remains steadfast in our commitment to provide clean, safe, and energy efficient facilities for students, staff, and residents of the Hilton Central School District.      

Our Mission   Team members will utilize environmentally friendly products, safe work practices, training and technology to support the actions of the District in building a stable foundation for the life-long learner.

Department Personnel


Mark Edwards

585-392-1000 ext. 7066 - Director of Buildings & Grounds

Barbara Goodness

585-392-1000 ext. 7065  - Assistant to Director

Hilton Central Schools Buildings and Grounds has a staff of over 50 mechanics, electricians, HVAC, groundskeepers and custodians who work everyday to maintain the district's 880,000 square feet in facilities as well as over 200 acres of grounds including numerous athletic fields and facilities.  Buildings and Grounds staff are an integral part of the District's Capital Projects which have upgraded, renovated and expanded the instructional capacity including new classrooms and gymnasiums, renovation of existing space, parking and traffic improvements, new athletic fields and a new Aquatic Center. Director Mark Edwards coordinates staff from his office at 225 West Ave, Hilton.

Water Quality Test Results

Community Use of Facilities - For information on community use of Hilton School District facilities [schools, gymnasiums, auditoriums, cafeterias, fields, etc.] please call the Secretary to the Director of Buildings and Grounds, Barbara Goodness, at 585-392-1000 ext. 7065.

Emergency Preparedness  Planning Written information about basic emergency response actions are communicated through schools in accordance with the N.Y.S. Commissioner of Education Regulation 155.13 Emergency Planning. Each school annually conducts sheltering or evacuation drills with notices in advance to parents and students. Fire Safety: Copies of the annual New York State Education Dept. Fire Safety Inspections of each building by the Hilton and No. Greece Fire Marshalls are shared with the fire district officials with all deficiencies cited in the inspection reports corrected. State-issued Certificates of Occupancy are on display in the main offices of each building. 

School Pesticide Neighbor Notification   In accordance with New York State Education Dept. Law, public schools must provide written notification 48 hrs. in advance of application if required. The District has implemented integrated pest management several years ago and pesticides are only applied upon express authorization of the District. For further information: 392-1000 ext. 7065.

Asbestos Compliance   The District maintains a current Management Plan for each school building as well as the 2002 AHERA Reinspection of the District completed by BOCES Health/Safety personnel which are available for inspection upon request to the Buildings & Grounds Office at 392-1000 ext. 7065.

SRP Professional of the Year  The SRP of the Year Award is presented to a staff member who displays exceptional skill and dedication on the job and promotes positive relationships with parents, students, co-workers and the community.  Recipients receive an “Outstanding Employee Award” certificate and a pin to recognize their achievements. In 2007 mechanic Greg Wahl was honored with the SRP of the Year Award and in 2008 a finalist was Roy LeBeau, custodian at Northwood Elementary.

Annual Notifications